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Your nearest Gulf Engine service dealer can provide the Kubota authorized quality you need. Our factory trained service dealers are ready to help keep your engine running.

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Invest in the only parts that are made to protect your performance. Look to Gulf Engine and your local dealer for genuine Kubota parts.

Everything you need for an overhaul of your Kubota engine.
Don’t overhaul your engine with will-fit substitute parts. Kubota engine overhaul kits provide guaranteed quality with 100% Kubota genuine parts. You’ll have peace of mind that your overhaul delivers the reliable performance you’ve come to expect from your trusted Kubota engine.
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Engine Overhaul Kits (PDF)

Genuine Kubota Parts. Reman Savings
They’re remanufactured to the same stringent quality specifications as a new Kubota part, but they offer considerable savings and a smaller environmental footprint.
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Genuine Re-manufactured Parts (PDF)

Demand Genuine Kubota (PDF)

KEA Reman Warranty (PDF)

Genuine Kubota Oil
Genuine Kubota oil is specifically designed for Kubota industrial engines to maximize the life of your engine by lubricating, cooling and cleaning all at once.
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Genuine Kubota Oil Filters
You count on Kubota industrial engines to deliver high performance in severe working conditions. Protect it with genuine Kubota filters.
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Genuine Oil Filters (PDF)

Not All Filter Elements are the Same.
Take a close look at the filter media, and it’s easy to see that the genuine Kubota filter removes the smallest particles, while other brands leave plenty of room for contaminants to pass through.
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Fuel Filter Brochure (PDF)

Kubota DPF Cleaning
Kubota’s cleaning method follows strict guidelines to insure each DPF meets our full certification standards. Each DPF is cleaned following a detailed multi-step inspection, cleaning and testing process using state-of-the-art equipment.
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Kubota DPF Cleaning (PDF)


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