Oilfield Chopper – Spec sheet


Long after the chopper craze has faded away, Gulf Engine’s custom Oilfield Chopper still draws a crowd at trade exhibits.


“If you are going to advertise, you might as well enjoy it.”  That was a motivating factor in deciding to devote the time, energy and money to build a custom “one off” chop.  We quickly found out, reality TV makes it look much easier than real life labor.  After two years and a lot of frustration, the bike was completed in 2008.


Life for the Oilfield Chop started out as a roller assembly consisting of a frame, front end and V twin engine.  Our vision for the build was simple, but complex.  Build a bike representative of the oilfield.  Tough, rugged, durable, dependable, and build it with the same parts we use in every day engine assembly and equipment fabrication.  Simplicity in engineering, not pretty, but damn nice to look at.  By the way, there is no chrome in the oilfield.  The bike is street legal, has over 3000 miles and runs like a bat out of hell.


The “Piston”, our corporate logo is a constant theme throughout the build.  The custom “one off” rims were keys in delivering this message, along with the headlight and tail lights.  As a Kubota engine distributor, many engine parts were used in the build such as air cleaner, muffler, camshaft, fuel cams and electrical controls. Other accessories include spark arrestor, Chalwyn ESD and stainless steel linkage and hardware.  Of course, the alligator seat brings in creole flavor from the swamp and everything great about South Louisiana and the energy industry.


Other modified or custom parts are the brake rotors, connecting rod outboard bearing support for engine and transmission, belt guard and oil reservoir.  The metalized frame, box tubing handle bars and flat black painting round off the bare bones, no shine, base finish.  The sum of the parts equals a unique and quality result.  No jewelry shopping here.  Just iron, aluminum and rubber.  Thanks for stopping by and we hope to see you at the next oil show.