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Unitized Hydraulic Power Units and Air Compressors




HydraComp offers multi tool capability on a single platform.  These space saving features make HydraComp the equipment of choice for both inland and offshore dive applications.  The versatility of a unitized HPU and AC offers dive contactors the ability free up valuable deck space and reduced equipment maintenance cost.  The advantages of HydraComp are obvious.  Multiple tools on a single skid saves valuable deck space, cuts down on gross weight and most importantly saves money.

HydraComp gives operators the ability to run multiple tools simultaneously or independently when necessary.  All controls are accessible for one man operation.  One dive tender can perform multiple functions while HydraComp is in operation.  Units are available with single or multiple hydraulic circuits.  The Quincy AC supplies air to divers thru a 4 diver manifold.  Redundancy on key components makes HydraComp the most reliable, efficient and cost effective equipment on the dive vessel.

HydraComp units are assembled to the latest SEPco / GOM standards.  Engineering and documentation are standard.  Safety, durability, and efficiency are qualities all dive contractors look for when investing in new equipment.  HydraComp technology is available and here to stay.