CaviTek Equipment

By upgrading traditional methods and components used on other cavitation units, CaviTek remains at the top of its market. CaviTek’s superior equipment design, fabrication techniques, detailed assembly, combined with the enhanced trigger dump gun sets it apart from any other high pressure washing equipment.


From shallow inland rivers and lakes to deep ocean waters, the different models of Cavitek subsurface pressure waters deliver the flow and pressure you need at any depth. CaviTek offers four models ranging from 11 gpm at 2200 psi through 20 gpm at 4000 psi to reach the appropriate depth.


CaviTek units are engineered and certified for GOM applications. Standard features include the following components:

  • SEP co compliant skids / Class 1 Div 2 rated
  • Air start / Mechanical engine controls
  • Auto / Manual Air Intake shutdown / Sprak Arrestor
  • Sea water compatible / 10 Micron Inlet Water Filter
  • Stainless steel Triplex Pump / Air operated charge pump
  • Skid Mounted Hose Reel / Quick Disconnects SS Couplings
  • Hose Reel / Aluminum USCG Approved fuel tanks

For further details and product information, check out our downloadable specification brochure. Cavi Tek Brochure